Azomethin-H-Monosodium Salt Hydrate [ 206752-32-1 ]

Cas Number: 206752-32-1
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Azomethin-H-Monosodium Salt Hydrate
Cas Number
Orange to Yellow Powder
Melting Point
>300 ( ℃ )
Azomethine H is a colorimetric reagent for boron detection; it forms an orange complex with boron in aqueous solution. The molar absorptivity of this complex is 1.01×104 at 415 nm. The detection range of boron in sample solutions is 1-6 μg per ml. To detect boron in plant samples, EDTA is used to mask copper, iron, and aluminum ions. Azomethine H is used to detect microgram levels of boron in glass and steel samples.
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