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About King Pharm

Nanjing King-pharm was established in 2009,  it originate from Chemlab613 of Nanjing Normal University, which was established in 1999.

By 2019, King-Pharm have developed more than 300 products for customers around the world, and  100 of which have been put into commercial production. 

Our business focus on Custom Synthesis, Custom Manufacturing, Research Development, Sample producing and Manufacturing Consignment. 

Nowadays, there are over 10 researchers who are good at new product development and 6 production technical engineers with over 10 years experience. They have rich experience in production organization, production management, quality management, safety and environmental protection, etc.

Our products involve Grignard reaction, diazotization reaction, hydrogenation reaction, chlorine pass reaction and bromination reaction. Typical operations involve anhydrous operation, rectification operation, -20 C to 220 C operation, etc. We have received on-site assessments from foreign customers.

We are glad cooperate with various international trading companies and manufacturers in chemical industry to achieve common development.


Lauroyl-l-glutamic-alpha, gamma-dibutylamide




7-hydroxy-N,N,N-trimethyl-2-Naphthalenaminium,methyl sulfate


Isopropyl cinnamate

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