About Us

Kingpharm is a group company, which has sales department---Chemsigma International (www.chemsigma.com); Research Center---CKS Technology (www.cks.technology); Main production base---Dewei Factory.


One of our mission is to serve our client’s needs and deliver excellence. We have developed different production base to meet our client’s special needs. Different production base focus on different kind of chemicals.


For example, we manufactured speciality chemicals in Dewei factory, which located in an ecological chemical technology industrial park. It has three multi-functional workshops, can organize production rapidly.


The second production base is located in Fujian. Our major fluoride chemical product is manufactured there.


The third production base is located in Shandong. We manufactured chiral borane compounds there. It has GMP and FDA. All of our production bases have ISO Certificate.

Since 1999, King-pharm have accumulated rich experience in CMO (Contract Manufacture Organization) & CDMO (Contract Development Manufacture Organization), and provided products and service to customers around the world. 

King-pharm have developed more than 500 products for customers around the world, and 150 of which have been put into mass production.